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in behalf of the SOCREF-L Referees, let me be among the first to welcome you to our website and List Server List.
We hope you will find solace and stay here...
"The World's Biggest Referee Tent - Welcome to Socref-L.ORG" as enjoyable as we all have. This is a wonderful place to raise up the ranks of your Referee Society with the knowledge gathered here from fellow Referees like you.

SOCREF-L you will become more enlighten to yourself as you settle in to the wisdom that is presented here on the List Server, so sign up, you will be glad you did. We would like to get acquainted to see how we all can best serve each others needs. Please note that we all come from different Referee Society's. We can be reached twenty-four hours a day, we are from around the world. This is the web portal for the... Discussion of Topics for Soccer Referees from...
Volunteer, Amateur, to Professional class. We welcome you to our SOCREF-L List Server and look forward to the dialogue of your Soccer Referee needs & challenges.

'See you on the... Pitch!'
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